Precision Farming Overview Inside the Flourish Project

(07-15th May 2018)

The Flourish consortium is currently organizing the Precision Farming overview "Flourish Demo" that encompasses a series of events and field demonstrations presenting Flourish results and potentialities to a large general audience.

The Demo will involve researchers and experts working in the precision farming (PF) and robotic sectors, potential end-users of the developed technologies, students and other stakeholders.

The Demo will take place at Villa "Serafino Salvati" near Ancona (Italy). See map.

Download the "Flourish Demo" overall program here.

Flourish Demo events

07-11/05/2018 System preparation and integration

The 5th integration week of the project will take place to allow partners to work on the integration of all the Flourish individual modules before the final Review meeting.

10-11/05/2018 Workshops with students

Flourish partners will involve agricultural high school students in two workshops providing an overview of the PF in Europe and in Italy and a presentation of the Flourish project.

12/05/2018 Performance Evaluation for Small UAVs in Precision Agriculture

The goal of this evaluation is to provide a systematic evaluation of the performance of small UAVs (multi-copters) by means of tests assessing the UAVs’ capability to generate a 3D map of a field and the capability to find and inspect a specific type of object from a close proximity. Read more and join the event.

13/05/2018 Workshop on Small UAVs for Precision Agriculture

The workshop will provide a forum for scientific dissemination of the results achieved by the Flourish project and create an exchange opportunity for researchers working on the related technical challenges. The aim of the workshop is to highlight technical and scientific challenges that arise in the deployment of small UAVs in the context of agricultural practices and, more specifically, in precision agriculture. Read more and join the event.

14/05/2018 End-user evaluation

The Flourish consortium will illustrate the overall system and its single components capabilities to a group of potential end-users of PF technologies. The final goal for partners will be to appraise the system functionality and usability from a user perspective.

Download the program and join the event.

15/05/2018 Dissemination event

During this event, the Flourish consortium will introduce the PF theme and the Flourish system to a large audience. International key experts will present experiences and knowledge on the PF and robotics areas as well as potential application scenarios for the developed technologies. Field demonstrations will be performed to show Flourish robotic system functionalities and collaboration capabities.

Download the program and Join the event.

Read more about logistics & accomodation here.

For further information please contact and visit ASSAM Flourish Demo web-page.